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About Belladonna & Roses

"Better to have a little bit of something really precious, than a large amount of mediocrity"

Hi, I'm Gill Roberts and I'm the designer and embroiderer behind Belladonna & Roses. The business was established to indulge my love of luxurious fabrics and embroidery, and also to provide access for anyone to the luxury of hand-made, beautifully embroidered and embellished bespoke corsetry and gowns  for that special day in their life.

Every item I make is unique.  You can choose the fabric, finish, embroidery, embellishments - no combination will ever be repeated - the only limit is your imagination.  I am happy to help and provide suggestions and designs; this is very much a collaboration between you as the client and me as the designer/maker.  

Each garment is made to measure for you alone, and is fitted to you at each stage of construction - usually at least 3 fittings are involved.  Because of the very detailed nature of the handwork used in these gowns, orders need to be placed at least three months in advance (although please do not hesitate to enquire if you are on a tighter deadline - if I can help, I will).  It is also possible to make corsets to supplied measurements, if personal fittings are not possible, and I am happy to ship garments worldwide.

Prices start at £295 for a custom-made embellished corset (e.g. the Georgina) and rise according to the level of embroidery and beading. Skirt prices start at  £125 for a simple full length skirt and again rise according to the level of decoration and complexity of design - I am happy to embroider and bead skirts to complement your corset.  Prices for complete wedding dresses start at £500 and for prom dresses at £250, and again will depend on the level of embellishment.  (My prices are based purely on the number of hours involved in creating each garment.)

If you are a dressmaker, and want to learn about corsetry, or a group who are interested in a talk or workshop, then get in touch.  I love to meet and teach people about the art of the corset!

Do contact me to discuss your ideas.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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