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Talks & Workshops

As an embroiderer and corsetiere, nothing gives me greater pleasure than sharing the skills and knowledge I have gained over the years.  For that reason I have taken the plunge and become a speaker and tutor in the art of corsetry and embroidery.  If you wish to learn more about the history of corsetry, and my work as an embroiderer and corset maker, or want to be initiated into the art of creating corsetry, then you may be interested in the following:

Talk - 'The Corset Unlaced'

This is a trip through the history of corsetry, from its earliest incarnation in the 16th century to its influence on today's catwalk collections.  Detailing the truths (and misconceptions!) about the art of the corset through the ages, I also talk about my work as a corsetiere and my mission to embroider and embellish corsetry.  I bring samples along for people to handle and try on, and also some of the corsets which feature on this website and explain the inspiration behind the design.

Talk - 'From This Day Forward - The History of the Wedding Dress'

In most women's lives, there is one dress that will forever hold a special place in their hearts.  The wedding

dress is the a garment that every woman will take great care in choosing,  that will be commented on by

anyone who sees it, and which will be cherished and sometimes passed on through the generations.  This

talk is on the fashion history of the wedding dress, with examples of dresses through the ages for the 

audience to see.

Day Course - 'How To Make A Corset Belt'

Aimed at sewing groups, this course is designed to initiate you into the art of the eyelets and steels that go into the construction of a corset.  A corset belt is the unique addition to a garment which can serve to lift a whole outfit, and can be completed in one day.  A must for the keen sewer.

I also offer one to one tuition for those who want to create their own piece of corsetry heaven in my home studio on the Wirral.

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